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Students and Faculty!!!!

October 8, 2019

Hello Students and Faculty!

The board of USITT Chesapeake would like to know what types of programming you would be interested in attending!  We are asking you to put on your thinking caps and come up with an event – workshop, lecture, session – on something you would drive a few hours to attend.  We would ideally like to do this in an area central to our region.  There are no silly ideas, so don’t be afraid to suggest something.  

In 1960 when the national organization started, it’s purpose was to “promote dialogue, research, and learning among its practitioners”.  Now with the existence of the regional sections, we can bring more helpful, learning events closer to those in our regions.

We are eager to put together programming that will be beneficial to you, and to get you involved in our section.  Please submit you ideas to me at jastein@vt.edu.  We look forward to hearing from you!!


Jeremiah Brophy

Scott Chapman

Anne Clark

Kearston Dillard-Scott

Tom Haughey

William Price

Anthony Rosas

Seth Schwartz

Jane Stein 

Nominations for Executive Committee

Nominations will be open at Conference for the following positions: First Vice-Chair, Third Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and one Member-at-Large (northern region). For details on these positions, take a look at the bylaws if you’re interested – http://chesapeake.usitt.org/by-laws/

Nominations close April 30 and you must be a member in good standing with Chesapeake to be nominated.

Chesapeake Sponsorship

DESIGN/TECHNICAL Students in the region of the Chesapeake Section of USITT

USITT Chesapeake is happy to announce that we have been given a limited number of full-conference passes to the national conference inLouisville this coming March. 

We would like to award students in our region who have an interest in attending. 

If you are interested, here are the requirements:

Write a 200-word essay telling the Chesapeake board – Why USITT is important to you, and what you think going to the conference will do for you as a person wanting to work in this profession.

Your essay will be judged as follows:

50% (give 0-5 points) clearly communicates importance of USITT.

40% (give 0-4 points) clearly communicates expectation of conference effect on future.

10% (give 0-1 points) under 200 words. 

Pretty easy!  If awarded the full-conference pass, all we ask is that you join our region, and become involved.  Even if you don’t get a pass, join us!!!

Deadline:    January 5th

The winners will be notified by January 11th

Send your essay to:   Jane Stein – jastein@vt.edu

Tour of Tait Towers in Lititz, PA Dec 11

On Friday December 11 2015 The Chesapeake section of USITT will sponsor a tour of Tait Towers in Lititz PA.  The tour will consist of ½ the day of touring the facility and ½ day of an automation workshop.  The event will begin at 9 am and end at 4 pm.

This event is free to all active members of the Chesapeake section. Attendance is limited to 30 participants.

For more information on Tait please follow the link below


Please contact Anthony Rosas  arosas@towson.edu  for more information and to RSVP for the event.  The deadline to RSVP is Friday December 4 at 5pm.