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Job Posting – Projection Manager & Lighting Projection/Design – Temple University

Friends and Production Colleagues,

Please see the attached job description we have open at Temple University for the fall.

It is currently listed on ArtSearch, but I thought word of mouth may get some solid candidates.

It sounds like a tough job to fulfil but it’s just the reality of funding and efficiency.  We have had some applicants already and know there is someone out there with this mix.  We’re not concerned with a 33.3% ability in all three areas.  Lighting is first priority, projections, and then management.  There can be a time of transition, if needed, between my serving as production manager and the new person taking on all of those duties – as I transition to more of a teaching role.

Thanks for passing this around.  Maybe someone you’ve worked with?

You, or anyone you send it to, is welcome to reach out for questions.NTT Production Manager Lighting Projection Designer