Benefits of Membership

Membership in USITT Chesapeake is open to anyone interested in learning more about Technical Theatre, networking professionally, or making your company known to theatres and technicians around the Mid-Atlantic region.  The Chesapeake Section’s geographical borders include Washington DC, Eastern West Virginia, Eastern Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and Southern New Jersey.  While Section activities will happen within these geographical boundaries, you can live outside of them and be a member of more than one section.




  • Access to Expo & Workshops
  • Voting rights in Elections
  • Eligibility to win USITT National Conference Registration
  • Professional Development Certificate (Workshop Dependent)
  • Invitation to Sectional Reception at National Conference
  • Networking/ Social Opportunity
  • Notification of Events/Workshops in the Region
  • Liaison to Other Organizations


Individual-$25/ Joint-$40


Includes all benefits of Student membership, plus:

  • Membership Email List
  • Listing in Membership Directory (opt-in, updated monthly)
  • Member listing on Website (opt-in)

  Includes all benefits of Organizational and Individual plus:

  • 2 Memberships
  • Link on website

  Includes all benefits of Organizational and Individual plus:

  • Event Sponsorship
  • 3 Memberships
  • Link w/ logo on website

Convinced that USITT Chesapeake Section membership is worth the very reasonable investment?  Join us right now!