New Executive Committee – June 2020

Hello friends and comrades-

The election results are in and I’m proud to announce the election of Matthew Miller as our new member-at-large for the northern section, Bill Price as our new Chair, Kearston Dillard-Scott as 2nd Vice Chair, Tony Rosas as our new Secretary, and Jane Stein, as our new 3rd Vice Chair.

Outgoing Secretary, Anne Clark – has been a pillar to Chesapeake and we should all take a second to show our appreciation to her years of service. We wish her well and sincerely hope that she’ll continue to participate and shed light in these challenging times.
Thank you, Anne, from the bottom of my heart.

In this strange time of COVID, it’s important that we work together. Events have shut down; concerts are no-go, and the whole social distancing mandates have left us figuring out how to move on as technicians, artists, designers, and audience members. I encourage everyone to seek credible resources before they reopen venues or participate in events so that we can stay safe. Know that many of us will have to reinvent ourselves in the arts and that there will be those of us who even have to step away for a period of time. Art will prevail and it will take a community and constant communication to figure out how precisely we stay engaged. If you can and are able, I encourage you to make your voice heard. There is no “silver bullet” for the environment we’re now confronted with. Donate, speak up, and do what you do best. The worst thing you can do is to do nothing. Now, more than ever, we need involvement. If you have ideas, share them. If you disagree, use your voice.

For those of you who are wondering where you can contribute or how you can take advantage of Chesapeake and USITT resources, please email us at


Jeremiah Brophy. former Chair