Welcome to the Chesapeake Section of the United States Institute for Theatre Technology.

We’re proud to have you part of our organization. For details on membership, please click here.

Contributing Members


Sustaining Members

Thomas Haygood
MCC Theatre McLean
Kenneth Lewis
Jim Streeter
Ashlyn Lambert

Organizational Members

Individual Members

Jeremiah Brophy
Marc Smith
Thomas Haughey
Camille Petrillio
Linda Ifert
Paul Chapman
Anne Clark
Matthew Miller
Kyle Rudgers
Aaron Cohen
Trent Kugler
Doug Grove
Scott Chapman
David Riches
Karen Bierly
Alex Blachowicz
Mark Smedley
Gregg Schraven
Mark Rapach

3 thoughts on “Membership

  1. Joseph Musumeci

    Tried to sign up – paid, but no reply, no registration, etc. Made payment via PayPal but never received anything except the PayPal receipt.

    Transaction on 1.1.19

  2. jeremiah brophy

    Hi Joseph-
    Sorry about that. We’re reworking our website right now. You should have heard back from one of our members-at-large IF they system worked out. Keep me posted.

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